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Gually’s Bakery & Restaurant

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By Anne Nickoloff via

Beyond the dessert and dining menus at Gually’s customer can enjoy Puerto Rican treats from a snack cart, imported to the Cleveland storefront. And they can also get a taste of history.

“You can look around, we have a lot of different wall features,” Morales said. “Everything is from Puerto Rico, from early 1900s. People can feel like their culture is around, we give them a little bit of history.”

The walls feature photos of Puerto Rican pineapple fields, traditional villages and political figures. A 1953 photo of the neighboring Clark-Fulton neighborhood can be spotted near the front counter.

The building itself has its own lengthy history. Before it became Gually’s, the 6201 Denison was a music venue, hosting local rock acts. Before that, it was a church in the 1920s later experiencing decades of vacancy.

“My menu is in English and Spanish. We’re not trying to push anybody out. Everybody is welcome, “he said. “We try to bring all types of cultures around. Not on ethnicity. We want everybody, the whole community to come and see us.”

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Our Food

Fresh Fare

Chuleta Can Can

Yes we make Chuleta Can Can come inside to order or give us a call.



Shrimp(Camarones), Octopus(Pulpo), Fried Pork(Chicharrones), Grilled Skirt Steak(Churrasco), Grilled Chicken(Pollo a la plancha)

All Day Breakfast

We offer Omlet, Fried eggs and Scramble eggs. All comes with toast.



We make our sandwiches by hand with the freshest ingredients! 
Tostadas, Ham & Cheese, Philly Cheesesteak, Pork(Pernil), Pastrami, Salami, Medianoche, Mortadella, Jibarito, Gually Jam, Steak(Bistec), Tuna, Chicken,(Pollo), Tripleta, Camionero, Cuban, Turkey(Pavo)

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Homemade Bread

Made Fresh Daily!

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Dine In or Take Out

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday- Saturday: 6am - 6pm 

Sunday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

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(216) 862-1441

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